New iPad 3: The rumour mill examined

New iPad 3: The rumour mill examined
Thorsten says: "Yes, yes, I know it was jam... but that didn't stop it being delicious."

YESWEKNOWWEDIDN'T DO7DAYSINMOBILELASTWEEK – what you want from us, money? Well, we have none. Onto the new week…

You've seen the new iPad / iPad 3 / iPad 2S / iPad HD / iPhone Big, but in that excitement you've probably forgotten about all the 'facts' that were written about the impending device a fortnight ago.

The problem with the internet echo chamber is that while it comes up with some interesting nuggets of information from time to time, a blatant lie that gets picked up by one of the bigger blogs can instantly become true just thanks to the amount of people writing about it.

It's time the internet, and specifically, TechRadar, was taken to task for all the rumours we told you about… so we've rounded up ALL the stories we wrote on the new device to see how on the money we were with the new iPad:

iPad 3 to feature dual-core 2GHz processor by Samsung


Apple to use AMOLED screens for iPad 3


The iPad 3 will be 'iPad 2 Plus'

Swing and a miss.

iPad 3 to launch in Autumn 2011


iPad 3 will feature a 3D screen

That's a no.

iPad 3 will have a Retina Display


iPad 3 to launch in February 2012

Come on, we were close.

iPad 3 to pack 4G connection

Yes – on a comeback.

Thicker iPad next in line

We're nailing these now.

iPad 3 to have early 2012 release date

That one was a little obvious.

iPad 3 to be called iPad 2S

Damn it.

iPad 3 launch set for February again

Didn't get any more right.

iPad 3 to have quad core processor

Well, it seemed likely…

New iPad to have 8MP camera

Looking back, it's obviously pointless.

iPad 3 to launch on 7 March

Yeah – bang on the money.

iPad 3 to be called iPad HD

Should have been, in our opinion.

iPad 3 to launch in March

Back of the net.

iPad to feature next-gen haptic technology

We told you that was just rubbish.

It will be called the iPad 3

We can't believe it wasn't either.

So that's 13 stories that we got wrong, and six we got right. We're only realising now how stupid it may be to tell you to disregard us as a font of all truth, but hey, we're an honest bunch here.

By the way, if you want all the news about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, check out our round up for all the facts.

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