iPad mini 3 vs iPad mini 2

iPad mini 3 vs iPad mini 2: Connectivity

Apple unsurprisingly sticks with tradition in offering both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus cellular versions of the iPad mini 3, and there's no advancements here over the already well-specified iPad mini 2.

You still get 802.11a/b/g/n dual-channel Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity is the same in both tablets, with support for 3G / HSDPA, CDMA and a wide range of LTE bands (where available).

Whichever network you're on you can rest assured that both the iPad mini 3 and mini 2 will play nicely with their fastest available network.

iPad mini 3 vs iPad mini 2: Power

After unveiling the new A8 processor at the launch of the iPhone 6, we thought the iPad mini 3 would at least be treated to that or even the A8X chip of the iPad Air 2.

Alas though, Apple has once again stuck with the same specs as the iPad mini 2, and you'll find its A7 chip with 64‑bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor inside both slates. Boring or what?

iPad mini 3 vs iPad mini 2: Battery

Bet you can't guess what we're going to say here... oh wait, you totally can. That's right, the battery in both tablets looks to be the same as well.

Apple hasn't officially revealed the capacity of either power pack, but it quotes the same "up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‑Fi, watching video, or listening to music" and "up to 9 hours of surfing the web using cellular data network" for both tablets.

iPad mini 3 vs iPad mini 2: Price

Finally, some variation between the two tablets. Apple isn't ditching the iPad ini 2, instead it's lowered the cost of the older slate, with the mini 3 inheriting the higher pricing structure.

That means a 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad mini 3 will set you back $399, £319, AU$499, 64GB of storage costs $499, £399, AU$619 while a meaty 128GB comes in at $599, £479, AU$739

Meanwhile the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad mini 2 is now just $299, £239, AU$369, plus there's the option of a 32GB model at $349, £279, AU$429.

Want LTE connectivity on your iPad mini? Well you'll have to pay out more. The 4G iPad mini 2 now costs $429 (16GB) and $479 (32GB), while the 4G iPad mini 3 prices are $529, £419, AU$659 (16GB), $629, £499, AU$779 (64GB) and $729, £579, AU$899 (128GB).

Quick verdict

It's hard to see why anyone would pay the extra money to get an iPad mini 3 when the only extras you'll be getting over the mini 2 is Touch ID and the choice of 64GB and 128GB storage options.

The iPad mini 2 is by far the best value of the two and if you fancy picking up a mini iPad this is the one you should go for. Unless you really, really love fingerprint scanners.