In pictures and video: Razer Project Fiona

Razer project Fiona
Razer's latest prototype is called Project Fiona

After the Switchblade concept at last year's CES, we're excited to see that Razer has another interesting device on the show floor at CES 2012.

However, the Atom-powered handheld Switchblade is yet to actually launch, so despite rumours that we may see this Project Fiona gaming tablet this year. we'd bet against it.

You can check out our video of Project Fiona from Vegas below:

So here it is. To be honest it's waaay more like an-old school Windows tablet than something thin and light. Weight must be an issue, and we'd certainly question if you'd want to carry it around.

Razer project fiona

It has interesting-looking Hydra controllers, though sadly we weren't actually able to actually play with the touch tab - it was locked inside a glass case.

Razer project fiona

Razer project fiona

Specs include an Intel Core i7 processor and a 1,280 x 800 display, while there are also magnetometer and accelerometers too. Judging by the size of the unit and heat vent on the back of the unit, this is a full-blown laptop processor rather than the lower voltage variants found in thinner devices like Ultrabooks.

Graphics presumably comes courtesy of the Core chip itself and, although current-gen Cores aren't DirectX11, the new Ivy Bridge series will be.

Razer project fiona

We like the prospect of being able to play full-blown PC games on the go, but wouldn't you rather have a PS Vita for on-the go gaming? Or an iPad?

Pricing is rumoured to be around the £600 mark.

Razer project fiona


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