Heaps of Windows 8 devices on the cards, promises Dell

Heaps of Windows 8 devices on the cards, promises Dell
You won't be able to move for Windows 8 hardware

Dell has promised that Windows 8 fans will have plenty of Dell products to choose between by this time next year.

Speaking on Dell's Q2 earnings call during which it revealed a 22 per cent fall in consumer sales, CFO and senior VP Brian Gladden tried to allay investors' concerns with the promise of new hardware.

"You'll see new Windows 8 ultrabooks, all-in-one tablets and converged devices in the fourth quarter and headed into next year," he told them.

By all-in-one tablets, we're assuming he means tablets with keyboard docks – but who knows.


He went on to talk at length about the company's feelings on Microsoft's decision to launch its own Windows 8 hardware, namely the Microsoft Surface.

Acer has already gone on record with its opinion that Microsoft making a Windows 8 tablet is a bad idea, but Dell is a little more diplomatic.

"As you think about Microsoft entering the space, clearly, as we think about it, we've spent time talking to Microsoft and understanding sort of how they're thinking about it," said Gladden, confusingly.

"There clearly are opportunities for us, as Windows 8 comes through, in having differentiated products.

"And I think at the same time they have announced the Surface product that would be in the space, we will have products in there, and I think you'll see a diverse set of offerings that take advantage of what Windows 8 brings to market."

That's using a lot of words to basically say that Dell's products will be different from Microsoft's: glad we cleared that up.

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