Garageband, iMovie and iPhoto land on new iPad

Garageband for new iPad will let you rock with friends
Four at a time baby

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Garageband and other iLife for OS apps have been shown off at Apple's new iPad event.

Garageband now lets you and three mates (each with an iOS device) to get a four piece band together using the Jam Session feature and thrash out some serious tune-age. After jamming, everyone's tracks are automatically collected on your iOS device for you to edit and mix.

GarageBand also introduces Smart Strings, a new Touch Instrument that allows you to play an entire string orchestra with just one finger, and the new Note Editor allows you to fine tune a Touch Instrument recording instead of replaying it from scratch.

Not musical? Well fear not as Apple also annouced the band new iPhoto app and major updates to the iMovie app for the new iPad.

Fancy yourself as a modern day Spielberg ?

iMovie now allows you to turn the HD video on your iPad and iPhone into Hollywood-style trailers, even as you're recording

The new updates to the iMovie app see storyboards and new editiing chops avialable to budding film makers, with the demo films showing off impressive results. You can also share your movie trailers to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, and use AirPlay to stream them to Apple TV in high definition resolutions up to 1080p.

Prefer to get a bit snap happy?

iPhoto, Apple's popular photography app, has been completely reimagined for iOS to take full advantage of the Retina display and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures on iPad and iPhone. Simple gestures can be used to select and compare photos side by side and flag your best shots.

You can enhance pictures by adding effects, or apply adjustments exactly with fingertip brushes. In addition to posting photos to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, you can beam photos between your iPhone and iPad; stream to your Apple TV with AirPlay and use iCloud to publish photo journals to the web.

iPhoto, iMovie 1.3 and GarageBand 1.2 are available today for £2.99 each from the App Store.

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