24 best iOS apps for school, college or university

Take the iPad to school and you can do more than just play Angry Birds during breaks. Whatever subjects you take or teach, there's an app here just for you…

11. Things

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Never miss a deadline again!
Price: £6.99
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch
Size: 3.3MB


It's a a horrible sinking feeling to realise you haven't finished an assignment on the morning it's due in.

Things (also on iPad; £13.99) is an easy way to stay on top of your to-do list, helping you keep track of one-off tasks and longer-term projects. The app will alert you when a due date's approaching, too, so that there are no nasty surprises on hand-in day…

12. Evernote

Organise your notes
Price: Free
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Size: 11.7MB


Make sure you never lose bits of paper with notes on again – instead, type them into Evernote and they're stored on the web to be accessed from anywhere you're online. You can add images to your notes straight from your device's camera, too.

These appear alongside the notes when you're browsing, which makes it easy to find what you're after. With your collection of notes growing, keep things organised by using notebooks and tags. And if you have an iPad 2 and Smart Cover, check out the free Evernote Peek app, which uses the folding cover to create a brilliant revision helper.

13. Pages

Create and edit stylish text documents
Price: £6.99
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Size: 87.9MB


Whatever subjects you take or teach, you're going to need a good word processor, and Apple's Pages is an ideal choice. It'll easily open and save Word documents, you can share your work over email and, when iOS 5 launches this autumn, it will work with the free webbased iCloud sync service.

Beyond basic text editing, you can format your documents into multiple columns, add images, tables and charts and then print the results over AirPrint.

14. The Elements

Chemistry is beautiful
Price: £9.99
Works with: iPad
Size: 1.71GB


Brighten up chemistry by exploring this interactive periodic table. Elements contains a vast amount of scientific information about each element, plus a 3D model of them all. There's also a page of facts about each entry, showing you real-life uses – we've been genuinely surprised by what we've learned!

15. Keynote

Works with: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Price: £6.99


Keynote enables you to knock together dazzling slides, or play PowerPoint and Keynote presentations from your device.

16. iTranslate

Works with: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Price: Free


iTranslate is an attractive app that taps into Google Translate and offers text-to-speech in other languages.

17. Graphing Calculator/HD

Works with: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Price: £1.49

graph calculator

Plot equations on cartesian axes, view tables and find intersections with Graphing Calculator 3D.

18. Numbers

Works with: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Price: £6.99


Bringing style to spreadsheets, Numbers lets you create tables, charts and more besides.

19. ArtRage

Works with: iPad
Price: £4.99


For budding and established artists alike, ArtRage is a feature-rich yet easy-to-use app.

20. Scientific Calculator – Pro

Works with: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Price: £2.99

This Scientific Calculator app from powerOne is essential for maths or any of the science subjects.