Microsoft wants to help you buy a new Windows 10 device

Windows 10

Microsoft really wants you to buy a new Windows PC and now it's even throwing in cashback when you sell your old laptop and MacBook.

The software giant has launched a new promotion called Easy Trade Up, and with it users could get $200 for selling their old laptop or $300 for clunker MacBook. Users can then apply their money back deal toward certain Windows 10 machines over $599 purchased through the Microsoft devices Store.

The list of laptops includes some Ultrabook heavy hitters including the Dell XPS 13, the Asus ZenBook UX305 and HP Spectre x360. There's also a sprinkle of some tablets like the VAIO Z Canvas as well as MSI's 4K gaming all-in-one PC, the 24GE 2QE.

Interestingly, Microsoft has completely omitted its own devices. Sadly, both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are nowhere to be in the promotion.

In most cases if your laptop is just a few years old, you'll likely get more selling it through eBay, Amazon Craigslist, and even Gazelle. So it makes more sense to go through Microsoft's Easy Trade Up program if your old device is over 5 years-old.

Windows 10 wide-scale adoption with over 1.1 million users has been great for Microsoft and terrible for manufacturers, as most users held off on purchasing new equipment when they could simply upgrade their software for free. After a dramatically slow period of PC sales over the summer, it's not surprising to see manufacturers and Microsoft offer more incentives like this to get users to buy new machines.

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