Apple pulls Fingerworks site - Slate launch ahead?

Apple iTablet more rumours what are the odds

Apple has made the odd decision to pull the content of its site, which has sparked yet more rumours of a forthcoming tablet.

The company was bought by Apple in early 2005, and created multi-touch keyboards and gesture pads, such as the TouchStream keyboard, a full size, split folding keyboard for sufferers of RSI.

Of course, this content pull-down has sparked rumours of an impending Apple iSlate (not that we needed any more) with a lot of the technology likely to be implemented in such a device.

Blast from the past

While the content has gone down, MacRumors has found a press release from Fingerworks, which clearly states technology you'd expect from an iSlate:

"The MacNTouch Gesture Keyboard is a complete user interface that serves as mouse, standard keyboard, and powerful multi-finger gesture interpreter.

"Mouse operations like point, click, drag, scroll, and zoom are combined seamlessly with touch-typing and multi-finger gesture everywhere on the MacNTouch's surface."

Of course, it also sounds a little but like the trackpad on a Macbook, or the interface with an iPhone - but why let that get in the way of a good rumour?

Via MacRumors