Microsoft Teams will finally let you do that one thing you've always wanted

Microsoft Teams
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has announced a new feature coming to its Microsoft Teams desktop client that will help users maintain clarity in the age of endless instant messages.

The company hopes to roll out the ability to delete chat threads in the video conferencing software by the end of the year, claiming December 2022 is the target for general availability.

In an entry on Microsoft’s roadmap, the description reads: “users can permanently delete entire conversations from their view.”

This should help workers filter away unused message threads so that they can keep important conversations more prominent.

Delete messages in Teams

Microsoft says that “this does not affect what any other users in the chat see.” In other words, any conversations deleted on your end will remain unaltered on the other participant’s side, so that the messages remain easy to access should they need them.

For now, the ability to delete conversations is set to be coming to desktop versions of the popular online collaboration app, including Mac devices. There’s no word on mobile rollout, though it’s possible that this will be added at a later date.

In an effort to make Teams the most competitive platform for businesses as it faces increased competition from the likes of Zoom and Google Meet, Microsoft is constantly adding new features in its roadmap, which provides an indication of upcoming additions.

Set to arrive at the start of 2023, Microsoft is also hoping to add breakout room support to Android devices, which should appeal to a large number of workers who need to access meetings on-the-go.

For now, both features are set in the ‘in development’ stage according to the company’s roadmap, with the ‘rollout’ and full ‘launch’ stages yet to arrive.

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