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Microsoft is preparing a pair of upgrades for collaboration platform (opens in new tab) Teams that will help users customize their video feeds to better suit their needs.

As per two new entries in the company’s product roadmap, Teams (opens in new tab) will soon allow users to hide their own video feed (opens in new tab) during calls and, conversely, to pin it to the screen (opens in new tab).

The two new options will cater to different user preferences, Microsoft suggested. The ability to conceal one’s own video feed is said to “help reduce distractions”, while the option to pin the feed lets users position themselves alongside co-workers on-screen, if they are so inclined.

Both new features are still currently under development, but are scheduled to roll out to all users by the end of November.

Microsoft Teams update 

Since the start of the pandemic, almost all professionals have had to find a way to make video conferencing (opens in new tab) and remote collaboration work for them. In the same way some prefer one medium of communication over another (i.e. text chat over email), some people prefer to use each individual service in a particular manner too.

In recognition of this fact, the major players in the collaboration space have made a concerted effort to give users as much control over their personal setup as possible. For example, Microsoft Teams now offers a variety of display options, including a massive gallery view for large-scale meetings.

When it comes to the user’s own video feed, however, Teams is currently a step behind competitors like Zoom (opens in new tab) and Meet (opens in new tab), both of which already give users the option to minimize and pin. Currently, the user’s video is displayed in the bottom right corner, come what may.

While the new additions may appear insignificant in isolation, they will contribute towards an overall feeling of flexibility that Teams users are bound to appreciate.

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