Microsoft finally confirms the release date for Windows 10's major 2022 update

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In the midst of Windows 11 gaining its first major update, Microsoft also confirmed that a 22H2 update for Windows 10 is scheduled to arrive in October.

However, if you're looking for huge features to further hold you off from upgrading to Windows 11, you're out of luck. Microsoft has confirmed that it's stopped working on new features for the previous release of Windows, with its full focus being on Windows 11.

For this 2022 update, expect a bunch of bug fixes and minor refinements that users have submitted to the company in recent months, but Microsoft is likely to confirm just what the upgrade will entail closer to its launch next month.

While it will be supporting Windows 10 until 2025 as confirmed in a blog post, it's Microsoft's signal that it could be time for you to look at upgrading your PC to Windows 11.

Don't wait until 2025 to upgrade

Windows 11 2022 update

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Granted, Windows 11 has had its fair share of criticisms, mainly at the Taskbar which brings one of the most significant changes to the Start menu in years. However there are apps that can let you customize it to your liking such as Start11, or you could change this back to the Windows 10 Taskbar you know and love, or to an even earlier version if you wanted to.

Yet the improvements go further in the recent Windows 11 2022 update, with an improved Snap layout to better arrange your windows, and in another upcoming update, tabs to File Explorer are finally arriving, which will keep your desktop far less cluttered when you're dragging and dropping files to different folders for example.

There's also big improvements to accessibility, with live captions now being system-wide, so it's not just limited to a few applications as it was before in Windows 10. By going to Settings > Accessibility > Live Captions, you'll be able to enable these captions which will be at the top of the display.

All of these add up to more justified reasons of why aren't you upgrading to Windows 11 by now. With the upgrade approaching a year since its first release, there's no better time to take advantage of what it offers, and what it could offer in future updates.

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