Jurassic World Dominion star reacts to Fantastic Four casting rumors

A screenshot of the first logo for Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four movie
Marvel's Fantastic Four film is still searching for its director and Sue Storm. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Bryce Dallas Howard has responded to rumors that she'll be on acting and directing duties in Marvel's Fantastic Four movie.

Earlier in May, we reported on speculation that linked the Jurassic World Dominion star with the upcoming Marvel movie. According to rumors circulating online, Howard had been tapped by Marvel Studios to helm the highly anticipated project, as well as star in the film as the Fantastic Four's only female member, aka Sue Storm.

It seems, though, that such conjecture was unsubstantiated. During a fan event ahead of Jurassic World Dominion's release on June 10, Howard was presented with a Sue Storm Funko Pop figure to sign. After initially laughing at the gutsy move from one fan to get the scoop on her involvement, Howard revealed that she "didn't think it was happening" before adding "[They're] total rumors" when asked if she could confirm whether she'd spoken to Marvel about the superhero film.

"Oh my God!" Howard responded when presented with the Funko Pop (as captured by TikTok user andresnavytiktok). "I don’t think it’s happening – I mean, I know [this doesn’t] involve me or anything. I swear to God, I swear to God. Yeah, yeah, for real. Total rumors. Total rumors, but you know, yeah... Thank you, but I'll sign the [Funko] just for fun." In a follow up TikTok video, Howard signs the Funko Pop with the message "we will see what happens". 

Interestingly, as she finishes signing the figure's packaging, one fan asks "Thing is, you're aware of the rumors, right?" Howard replies that she actually went to college with Jon Watts (Marvel's Spider-Man trilogy), who was set to direct Fantastic Four before he departed the project in late April (per Deadline), citing the need for a break from the superhero genre.

Rumors about Howard's involvement aren't the first to emerge over Fantastic Four's development. In January, industry insiders claimed that Marvel Studios was ready to start casting for the Marvel Phase 4 production. Meanwhile, Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater has confirmed that Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin, who executively produced the Oscar Isaac-starring Disney Plus show, had been installed as two of Fantastic Four's producers.

Analysis: cooking up a (Sue) Storm

A screenshot of Sue Storm using her force field powers in a Fantastic Four Marvel comic book panel

Will Bryce Dallas Howard end up playing Sue Storm? (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Major spoilers follow for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Such is the secrecy that surrounds every Marvel Studios production these days, it's hard to tell if Bryce Dallas Howard is involved in Fantastic Four or not.

Yes, The Mandalorian director's replies seem genuine and suggest that she's as much in the dark as the rest of us. However, it's not out of the realms of possibility that she's actually been asked to board the project and, if she has signed an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Howard won't be able to confirm whether she'll star in and direct the film.

While Howard's answers may pour some cold water on those reports – in the minds of some fans, at least – other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans may not be so easily convinced. There's no smoke without fire and Howard's responses will only serve to resurrect the rumor and put it squarely back into the public domain. In that sense, then, fans will continue to cook up a (Sue) Storm over this particular piece of speculation.

Still, at least Howard isn't alone in having to bat off Fantastic Four rumors. John Krasinski, who made a fan pleasing cameo as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic – the Fantastic Four's leader – in Doctor Strange 2, has long been linked with playing the character permanently in the MCU. His wife – Emily Blunt – has also been fans' number one choice to portray Sue Storm/the Invisible Woman, but Blunt has suggested she has no interest in starring in a comic book movie.

MCU insiders will continue to leak information ahead of schedule and there's the potential for some of those rumors to be true. Unfortunately, until Marvel Studios reveals the official cast and director for its Fantastic Four reboot, we'll be left in the dark about who's involved.

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