Major Microsoft Teams update brings host of new features

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While the world continues to grapple with lockdown and social distancing, Microsoft Teams has introduced a number of new and improved features. 

Much like competitor Zoom, Microsoft Teams users will now be able to change the background while on virtual meetings by selecting images provided within the app itself. The update also brings a multi-window feature, allowing users to use separate windows for each chat.

Microsoft has added interoperability by allowing users to make voice calls and send text messages from Teams to Skype accounts, as well as the other way around - although this feature needs to be enabled first in a Teams organization. 

Microsoft Teams update

Microsoft Teams now supports a maximum of 10,000 members per teams, up from the previous limit of 5,000. And going forward, users joining a Teams meeting via a link will be offered multiple options like ‘continue in browser’, ‘open in Teams app’ and ‘download Teams app’.

In a bid to beef up its security, Teams users can now apply two-factor authentication, set conditional access policies and retention policies to channels, chats and attachments. However, encryption of data in transit and at rest is in place by default. 

Post the coronavirus-led lockdown era, schools, colleges, offices globally have been forced to opt for a remote working environment. This suddenly ballooned usage of collaboration apps and video conferencing tools has put these companies under immense strain.

In the last couple of weeks, Microsoft had to tweak its cloud services multiple times to ensure uninterrupted services, while Zoom became an epicentre of cyber-security related controversies. 

These recent updates from Microsoft are an attempt to improve what is already a great product and although Teams is way ahead of Zoom in terms of robust security, privacy and compliance, the latter is still a favourite among many users for its simplicity and ease of use.

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