LG Display doubles down on OLED TVs

LG Signature Series OLED R
Credit: LG Display

LG Display is going full steam ahead with OLED panel production, after revealing over $10bn of investment - around £8bn / AU$14bn by current conversion rates - in expanding its OLED manufacturing over the next two years.

Two thirds of that investment is in 2019 alone, with the remainder following in 2020. If that looks like a slowdown though, it isn't. OLED TVs are still costly to make, but investing in the production line will enable them to be manufactured on a larger scale with a lower overall cost for each telly.

So what does this mean for you? Well, OLED ('organic' LED) is meant to give a richer picture, deeper blacks, higher levels of color contrast - even if they aren't as bright as most LCDs nowadays. If costs continue to come down, the visual quality could well tempt more and more buyers away from regular LED televisions.

The future is flexible

LG is reporting stronger OLED sales as consumers start to get a taste for something other than LCD - or, at least, as manufacturers do. LG technically manufactures OLED panels for the likes of Sony and Panasonic, and it looks like we're going to see more OLED models than ever on the market in the coming years. 

LG has gained a lot of attention for its rollable OLED television, the LG Signature Series OLED R - while both LG and Samsung are readying to launch their respective foldable smartphones, featuring flexible pOLED ('plastic' OLED) displays.

If OLED continues to lead the way with innovate form factors, all while dropping production costs, there's no telling how far the technology could go.

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