Lenovo Smart Display is a sleek-looking Amazon Echo Show rival

Lenovo has unveiled its own Smart Display at CES 2018, throwing its hat in the ring of new display-touting devices backed by the Google Assistant. 

The Lenovo Smart Display basically looks like a tablet that tapers out to a wedge-shaped stand. It has a 10-watt full-range speaker on the side, and will rely on the built-in Google voice assistant to handle queries and commands you throw its way.

It features a Full HD display and will be available in two sizes, 8 inches and 10 inches. The new display joins the JBL Link View as a smart display device featuring Google Assistant. JBL's device has an 8-inch display.

Like the Google Home, you can ask the Lenovo Smart Display questions like "what's the weather like outside" and what your schedule looks like for the day. But like the Amazon Echo Show, this information will also be served up on a screen.

The Lenovo Smart Display has all the Google goodies, including Google Maps and YouTube. It's backed by the Qualcomm Home Hub Platform, also announced at CES 2018. This means the device has an integrated CPU, GPU and DSP plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

And thanks to this Qualcomm integration, users can control their smart home goods from the display or with their voice, including Nest products, smart lights and thermostats. Want to make a video call? You can on the display through the Google Duo app.

Available in two finishes - soft-touch grey or bamboo - the display can be fit either horizontally or vertically. It features a privacy shutter to keep the view private, and when not in use, serves up images from Google Photos.

As for price, the 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display will cost $199.99 (about £150 / AU$255) while the 10-inch version costs $249.99 (about £185 / AU$320). The Amazon Echo Show, which features a 7-inch display, costs $229/£199. Look for the new Lenovo Smart Display to go on sale early this summer.

This is an interesting time in the smart speaker realm. Where once Amazon's hold seemed secure when it came to display-packing smart speakers, Google has suddenly swooped in, and it's not doing it alone. There are more Google Assistant smart display products to come from even more partners, so Amazon Echo Show could soon be outnumbered. Of course, that doesn't guarantee victory, so we'll have to see how the new devices stack up against Amazon's offering. 

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Michelle Fitzsimmons

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