Leaked OnePlus 6T renders give us our best look yet at the handset

Even though the OnePlus 6T is likely to launch soon there haven’t been many leaks showing the design of the phone yet, but that all changes now, as leaked renders have just given us a look at the possible design of the handset from all angles.

Shared by MySmartPrice with the help of leaker @OnLeaks, the renders largely match what we’ve seen before, with a teardrop notch on the front, a tiny sliver of bezel at the bottom and an otherwise all-screen design. So a lot like the OnePlus 6, but with an even smaller notch and a likely smaller bezel.

The back is also similar, with a dual-lens camera and a OnePlus logo below it, the main difference being the lack of a fingerprint scanner, which we know is built into the screen on the OnePlus 6T.

The button layout is much the same as the previous handset too, but the dimensions are slightly different, with the OnePlus 6T apparently coming in at 157.5 x 75.7 x 8.2mm, rising to 8.6mm where the camera sticks out.

The OnePlus 6 on the other hand is 155.7 x 75.4 x 7.8mm, so the OnePlus 6T is seemingly slightly larger and thicker.

The thicker build could hint at a larger battery, while the longer length and width is probably to house a slightly larger screen, rumored to be 6.4 inches.

Not yet confirmed

It is however worth taking these renders with a pinch of salt. While they largely line up with what we’ve seen before they don’t match every leak – for example one recent one showed a triple-lens camera, though we’re not convinced we’ll get that.

These also don’t appear to be official renders. @OnLeaks claims they’re based on a factory CAD (computer-aided design), but even if that came from an official source they may not show the final design.

Still, with the OnePlus 6T possibly launching on October 17 we’d expect to be getting fairly accurate leaks, so this could be the shape of the phone to come.

James Rogerson

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