Leaked Microsoft Whiteboard app boasts some slick new stylus tricks

Microsoft’s Whiteboard app has been leaked online, revealing some further features and details about the software which will be coming to stylus-toting Windows 10 devices later this year.

The app is already in preview for Surface Hub users, and we saw some of its capabilities last month, when Microsoft announced that the program will be arriving on more devices later this year – including, of course, the new Surface Pro (pictured above) and Surface Studio all-in-one.

However, Windows Blog Italia managed to find a leaked version of Whiteboard in some obscure corner of the internet, and has installed the app, having a good play around with it and making an instructive hands-on video (albeit one narrated in Italian, unsurprisingly).

So, aside from the features we’ve already heard Microsoft enthuse about such as geometry recognition and automatic table shading, what fresh revelations are here?

The Windows Blog Italia clip shows off some of the flexibility of the software such as the nifty ruler feature, although perhaps the most interesting addition is the ability to search the web for images from within the program.

Bing bonus

Yes, Bing searches are directly integrated into Whiteboard, so you can hand-write a search term, and the app will go off and find relevant (copyright-free) images. You can then select a picture you like and it can be inserted directly into the canvas, with the ability to perform simple transformations such as flipping or rotating the image.

Everything looks to be shaping up nicely, although sadly the collaborative facilities of Whiteboard aren’t live in this leaked version of the app. This promises to be the most exciting feature of all, allowing multiple users to collaborate, simultaneously inking their thoughts on the same canvas.

The Italian blog does provide instructions on how to install this leaked piece of software, but in all honesty, it’s safest to steer clear of these sort of downloads, and just enjoy the demonstration shown in the hands-on video clip.

Meanwhile, hopefully it won’t be long before we see the full Whiteboard app unleashed for everyone to enjoy. Note the Microsoft also previously mentioned that Office 365 subscribers will get certain ‘exclusive capabilities’, so there will be added extras that users of the online productivity suite will benefit from.

Via: The Verge

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