Dell launches new mid-range laptop range

Dell s new Studio range of laptops officially launched this week

Dell has officially launched its new Studio mid-range laptops, that will complement its low-cost Inspiron range and the higher-cost, high-powered XPS range.

The range is available in seven different colours, as you can see here, with available options of 'Permanent Pictaflex' prints by artist Mike Ming, on the hand rest below the keyboard.

Budget fashionistas

It seems that Dell is aiming for the 'fashionista' market with the Studio range – the kind of laptop consumer who won't spend that extra buck on a MacBook Air or a Voodoo Envy, but who wants a machine that looks good on the train.

The Dell Studio 1536 is packing a WWAN option for Mobile use, a Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4GB Ram, 320 Gig of HDD space, an 8-in-1 card reader and an Nvidia 8600M GT graphics card.

The 15-inch model starts at $799 in the US, with options to add on LED backlighting, Blu-ray or opting for the slightly bigger 17-inch model. More on UK pricing and availability as we get it.