It turns out Nvidia really is introducing a 12-pin power connector on the RTX 3080

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia will be unveiling its next-generation lineup of graphics cards in less than a week at this point. And while it's an agonizing wait, Team Green has just released a video teasing some crucial details about what may, in fact, end up being the RTX 3080

The biggest reveal here is that we were totally wrong – the new 12-pin power connector is real. While it's rumored to only be present on the upcoming Founders Edition, the video released by Nvidia justifies its existence by the fact that it takes up less room on the board, allowing for better data transmission with less crosstalk – a concept further explained in the video.

In Nvidia's video, which celebrates years of graphics card design, you can catch little glimpses of what the next Founders Edition card may look like, and it's really starting to look like the rumored shroud design we've seen floating around isn't far off. However, Nvidia still hasn't shown a full picture of the thing, so this definitely isn't confirmation that the leaked design is real.

One thing is clear from this video, however, and that is whatever the next-generation flagship card is going to be – whether it's the 3090 or the 3080 Ti – it's going to get hot. A large portion of the video goes into detail about how Nvidia had to rethink its cooling solution, even down to using AI to simulate how air travels throughout a system. 

It's a nice little tidbit of information about the upcoming cards, and we're definitely interested to see how Nvidia's design efforts paid off in the Ampere GeForce cards when they're likely unveiled on September 1. Until then, everything else is just speculation. 

Bill Thomas

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