Spotify 'will launch' browser-based version

Spotify 'will launch' browser-based version
Spotify heading to the web?

Spotify is planning to launch a browser version of its music streaming client as part of a big redesign, according to reports over the weekend.

TechCrunch has word from multiple sources that the Swedes will move to the web and improve the means of music discovery by allowing users to follow 'influencers.'

The new browser-based version may or may not replace the traditional desktop client, which has barely been updated in over a year.

The goal is to make the Spotify service more accessible, meaning all of a user's playlists would be available on whatever computer they log-on to, rather than having to re-download the client.

It would also allow Spotify to match key competitors like Rdio and Pandora, which are both browser based.

Price cut in the works?

TechCrunch also believes that a price-cut could be in the works. Spotify currently charges $10 and £10 a month for ad-free mobile access to the service, through smartphone and tablet apps. Ad-free desktop access is also available for $5 and £5.

With 4 million paying customers now on board, the company may seek to increase sign-ups by dropping the Spotify Premium rate to just $8 a month (presumably that would mean £8 for UK subscribers).

The report also suggests that Spotify may drop the £5 option and simply sell mobile subscriptions to go along with the price cut.

Via: TechCrunch

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