Raw Deal: LivingSocial site hacked and 50m users' details robbed

Raw Deal LivingSocial site hacked and 50m users details robbed

Daily deals website LivingSocial is urging all users to change their passwords after a hack compromised the data of 50m customers.

The company, which flourished by offering deals centric to your location through the web and mobile apps, was hit on Friday with hackers grabbing names, email addresses and encrypted passwords of users.

Thankfully, the company said, the database that stores payment information was not accessed by the intruders.

The company placed a banner on its website proclaiming: "Important notice for customers. If you haven't already updated your LivingSocial password, please update it now."

Token assurances

Naturally, the now-familiar token assurance that the company takes the security of its users seriously was to follow.

CEO Tim O'Shaughnessy wrote: "The security of your information is our priority. We always strive to ensure the security of our customer information, and we are redoubling efforts to prevent any issues in the future."

It would be nice if one of these companies got their house in order before they were attacked rather than compromising its customers, wouldn't it?

Via ABC News