Digg users: Kevin is cooler than Alex

Thousands of Diggers crammed into the Excel business centre in London on Friday to watch the second live episode of Diggnation to be held in the UK.

The event took place at the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) Expo in London, a geeky Mecca where web developers flock annually to showcase their own tools and to learn from others. FOWA was headlined by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who spoke about the trend towards sharing more personal information online.

After Zuckerberg left the stage, the Digg fanatics began to arrive in their masses, forming a snaking queue around bemused conference attendees.

Our survey said...

TechRadar caught up with some of the fresh-faced Diggers, who had travelled huge distances just to be at the show. Despite being held in a disgustingly inaccessible part of London, we spoke to people who'd come from the dark corners of Europe just for the show. Slovenia, Ukraine, Belgium, Manchester...

We didn't speak to many Diggers at all who'd come from less than 200 miles away - and many had come from far further afield than that. We didn't meet many Diggers from London, either - they must have been hiding somewhere. And there were even a few girls in attendance.

But while the US media is obsessed with the US elections, TechRadar asked the questions that really mattered. Who's the coolest, and who'd win in a fight? Kevin came out on top for the cool factor, although the majority of diggers reckoned Alex would comfortably see Kevin off in a fight, citing Alex's kickboxing skills as a deciding factor.

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