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Budget remote webcam offers home security

The DN-NCM03SET includes a hub-style mini server

Shanghai Donya 's security cameras are cheap and capable, piping live video and intruder alerts to any networked PC in the world.

There are plenty of security cameras around that can be controlled remotely, often over the internet, but none comes as cheaply as Shanghai Donya's budget offerings.

The standout among the range of network cameras made by Tokyo-based Shanghai Donya is the DN-NCM03SET (we'd rather they just gave them names too), which includes a hub-style mini server for connecting more than one camera to an internet router and for sending email alerts.

For JPY15,000 (£63) the abilities of the kit are impressive. It includes the software necessary for accessing and controlling the camera from anywhere in the world, plus the server can automatically email registered addresses when the camera detects movement. The latter means there's no need to watch the video feed constantly, which is a useful peace-of-mind safety net. J.Mark Lytle