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Bango powering Facebook's new bill-to-mobile payments

Facebook's further montising its mobile traffic

Facebook users in the U.S., U.K., and Germany can now charge purchases made through the mobile site directly to their phone bill, the company powering the service announced Monday.

The service, which was first announced in February and gradually started rolling out in July, is powered by Bango, which offers a like-minded service for the BlackBerry App World and the Google Play store.

Now that it's live in those countries, Bango lets anyone using the Facebook mobile website buy Facebook Credits for games or virtual gifts without entering credit card details or using costly text-messaging services.

Bango, which is also working on a payment solution with Amazon, revealed the link-up Monday in a regulatory filing, and also vowed to bring the service to more countries by the end of the year.

It also announced its Facebook billing service will start rolling out to other countries later this year.

Shareholder-pleasing cash

From its perspective, Facebook likely hopes the deal will increase its chances of making some shareholder-pleasing money from its ever-growing proportion of mobile traffic.

Advertising has been a focus of the mobile-minded Facebook, but clearly the social network wants to prove it's more than just a one-trick mobile pony.

According to Bango, Facebook can now expect to achieve a 77 percent purchase conversion rate, compared with the 40 percent conversion rate enjoyed by other bill-to-mobile methods.

"Conventional operator billing is expected to achieve a 40 percent conversion rate," the company said in a blog post.

"Put simply, most mobile commerce customers who click 'buy,' do not successfully buy. Billing with the Bango payment platform delivers an average conversion rate of 77 percent. Most users who click 'buy,' do buy."

Via TechCrunch, Bango