25 brilliant bookmarklets to boost your browsing

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If you want to go back two or three pages then your browser history menu will take you there in a couple of clicks. But these bookmarklets will do it in one.

Previous Page in New Window
(Source: bookmarklets.com)

Going back a page just to check something can be a hassle, as you then have to step forward and reload the next page. As an alternative, use this bookmarklet to open your previous page in a new window or tab.

Duplicate Page
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Another option is to open a new window or tab with a copy of whatever page you're viewing, so you can follow links on one and quickly return to the original page in the other.


This bookmarklet will back you out of a lengthy URL, one directory at a time. So as you click it you'll move from www.domain.com/directory/page.html, to www.domain.com/directory, then www.domain.com (if the site allows this, anyway).

Random link

If you can't decide where to go next then click here, and the bookmarklet will take you to a random link on the current page.


Alternatively, use our next bookmarklet to view robots.txt for the current site. This file is used to tell search engines that they shouldn't index particular areas of a site, and may point you to interesting hidden areas.

Random links

GET RANDOM: Not sure where to go next? Let the Random Link bookmark decide for you

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