10 killer apps for eBay buyers and sellers

8. FrooitionBase eBay Store and Listing Design Tool
The most successful sellers on eBay know the value of a eye-catching, user-friendly listing and shop frontage. Frooition's new entry-level eBay store and listing design solution is just the ticket if you're on a tight budget. Like their professional eBay design service, it deals with all aspects of your brand on eBay and simplifies the process of getting listings looking professional and working effectively without flailing around with HTML. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial and it's £15 per month thereafter.

9. eBay Research Labs BayEstimator
Your listing title is probably the most important 'real estate' of your eBay listings and with eBay's Best Match algorithms, it's important to get the title right form the beginning. eBay Research Lab's BayEstimator is another of eBay's little-known gems which looks at the relative popularity of the keywords in your title, and estimate how well it may work. The only downside for UK users is that it's US based but the information it provides means it should be part of any seller's toolkit.

10. LetterMeLater
An unlikely, but very useful, inclusion into our top ten. To-do lists are all well and good, but if something needs to be accomplished six weeks in advance? If like me you need a little prompting now and again, LetterMeLater is the solution. Primarily used to schedule in advance when and to whom an email is sent, I find it a gem when using it to remind yourself in advance or set recurring emails. Now - what was I supposed to be doing this coming Valentines day?

Need more helping finding the right tool for you? Visit eBay's Seller Tools Finder.


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