Web bargains: price comparison sites go head-to-head

Four major price comparison sites compared (source: Twenga)
Four major price comparison sites compared (source: Twenga)

French-based price comparison website Twenga claims to offer more than its competitors in the increasingly crowded 'everyone loves a bargain' market, according to latest figures that the company has made available to TechRadar.

You can see from the chart right here that Twenga appears to win out across three of the other major price comparison sites – PriceGrabber.com, Kelkoo.com and


- across a number of major tech brands, including Sony, Olympus, TomTom and lifestyle/fashion brands such as Dolce and Gabbana and Laura Ashley.

Unsurprisingly really, if you consider that the stats were provided to us from Twenga. But interesting, nonetheless.

TechRadar has contacted PriceGrabber.com, Kelkoo.com and Shopping.com for their response to and further comment on these figures provided from Twenga in the above chart.

Price comparison tech

Twenga puts its growing success in the price comparison market down to its own proprietary tech, which Lisa Sarma, Twenga's UK Content Manager describes as follows:

"Twenga prides itself on its advanced home grown technology which automatically gathers offerings from online retailers and displays them in one clear and concise searchable interface for online shoppers.

"As a result, Twenga lists more offerings than any of its competitors, giving Twenga users the confidence that they will always find the best price and the broadest choice. The comparative data from February 2008 shows that only 18 months after we launched, Twenga was already providing an average of 3 to 10 times more offerings than any of the other existing big comparison sites!"

Organic search results

Twenga claims that all retailers have an equal opportunity to be listed in its 'organic' search results which are not biased by commercial relationships.

"Twenga already has over 13 million visitors per month and we currently list over 60,000 retailers and have over 100 million offers across Europe," Sarma tells TechRadar.

"We are very excited by what the future holds. Every day we add more retailers and offerings, and we are constantly in search of new ways to improve the online shopping experience."

Stay tuned for further updates, to find out which price comparison site you need to be bookmarking to get the best bargains out of the internet.

[UPDATE - PriceGrabber has decided not to comment, Kelkoo's response can be read here and we continue to chase up Shopping.com for their response to Twenga's claims]

Adam Hartley