Kelkoo hits back at Twenga

Kelkoo hits back at earlier claims from competing price comparison site Twenga
Kelkoo hits back at earlier claims from competing price comparison site Twenga

Kelkoo has hit back at recent claims from French-based price comparison site Twenga to offer more than its competitors in this increasingly busy market.

Following the statistics released by Twenga this week, Bruce Fair, Managing Director of Kelkoo UK claims that it is quality of service that mattered more than the quantity of goods priced on offer.

Quality, not quantity

Fair told TechRadar: "On the face of it, these stats do seem impressive, however, it's important to consider the quality of retailers on shopping comparison sites, not just the quantity, as this has a significant impact on the user experience.

"On Kelkoo we pride ourselves on providing rich data which is refreshed as least daily and gives customers product descriptions, availability, delivery date, merchant accreditation under important schemes such as (ISIS) as well as user ratings and feedback."

Gadgets and flights

While Twenga also claims to offer more to consumers in the areas of price comparisons for non-electronic goods, such as lifestyle and fashion brands, Kelkoo stress that the market for such goods online is not amongst its key categories.

"The majority of online sales according to the 2007 IMRG annual report are generated from categories such as consumer electronics, appliances, computing, flights and mobile phones which actually represent a relatively small number of product lines, somewhere around 13,000," Fair told TechRadar.

"Therefore within these categories of popular items the user experience is of heightened importance. As a customer I think it's important to have a good selection of quality retailers with up-to-date data when you're looking to make your purchase."

Adam Hartley