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Virgin Media launches Sofa Stadium footy app

Virgin Media - Sofa Stadium
Sofa so good

Virgin Media has launched an 'online football app' called Sofa Stadium that is hoping to offer football fans a forum for banter while they watch Premiership football.

Although a fair percentage of the TechRadar team are disappointed that only Premiership teams are considered important enough for consideration, Virgin Media's Sofa Stadium is designed to be run on your laptop while you watch the footy.

"Freely available to anyone with an internet connection, Sofa Stadium helps fans enjoy the atmosphere of match day without obstructed views, overpriced car parking, cold weather and dodgy grub," said Virgin Media.

Sofa stadium from virgin media

Grey rave

"With Sofa Stadium, fans can rant, rave and banter with fellow followers as the game unfolds; vote for the best player, and the worst; be heard at the click of a button by booing, cheering or singing, as if they were on the terraces," the release adds.

"Bringing together the multi-screen experience of Social TV to football, fans will be able to see what people are saying about the game on Twitter through Tweet Watch and have comments posted straight to social networks such as Facebook – all from the comfort of the couch.

"Channelling their passion, sofa supporters now have a place to vent their spleen in a social space, instead of shouting at the TV screen!"

Of course, this all ties in with the arrival of HD football on Virgin Media through Sky Sports 1 and 2. We're a little alarmed by the grey people that represent the players and fans, but the idea is sound.

The Premiership (and therefore the app) kicks off on 14 August – ie this Saturday – and is available from