UK government will not repeal Digital Economy Act

UK government will not repeal the unpopular Digital Economy Act

The new UK government has no plans to repeal the unpopular Digital Economy Act, according to the new Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt told paidContent:UK that the Digital Economy Act will stand, at least for the time being, despite vociferous support from digital liberties campaigners.

"We're not going to repeal it," said the Conservative Minister for Culture, in no uncertain terms.

Warning letters to filesharers

Hunt added that the current plan is to wait to see how the measures perform and then take a decision if action to change the Digital Economy Act at a later day.

Which means that if you are still sharing a lot of copyrighted material online via torrents sites, you may well still get one of those warning letters from your ISP at some point soon…

The campaign against the Digital Economy Act is still ongoing.

You can see more on that campaign right here.

Via The Guardian