Twitter is looking to let you do more than 'like' tweets

Emoji people

Twitter has been slowly pulling from Instagram and Facebook to turn favorites into likes and stars into hearts, and soon emojis might be its new edition.

According to a tweet by user @_Ninji, it looks like Twitter is testing the ability to give your heart an emoji reaction, to better explain what exactly you're feeling.

While running a self-patched version of the Twitter app on iOS that forces all features to be enabled, @_Ninji noticed that he was able to give tweets one of a variety of emojis when clicking on the heart icon.

Looking at the screenshots tweeted, emojis include the love eyes emoji, a smiling emoji and a tongue-sticking-out emoji with an ellipses that opens up more options.

Another screenshot shows a frown face, a crying face, the party noisemaker, the "100" and a snoozing face, while a different screenshot gives you the hear/speak/see no evil monkeys, thumbs up and down, fire, a wave and the poo emoji, among others.

Of course, the test isn't available to everyone just yet, and in all likelihood, Twitter may never actually release this new feature, but one thing is obvious - emojis are here, and they are here to stay.

We got in touch with Twitter to see exactly what it plans to do with these emoji options.