Spotify lists top 100 tunes of 2009

Spotify publishes most popular streamed tunes of 2009

Streaming service Spotify has listed its top 100 most-listened to tunes of 2009 on its website, with Black Eyed Peas at the number one spot with I Gotta Feeling.

'The Peas' (as we now refer to them) are closely followed up by Flo Rida's Right Round, Akon & David Guetta's Sexy Bitch and Lady Gaga's Poker Face.

You can see the Spotify playlist of the top 100 and the most listened-to tracks of 2009 on the company's website.

Stream me up, baby!

Spotify's chart is based on the number of streams each track got across the six countries where the service is currently running.

It is a varied list, with something surely to please everybody.

Certainly worth a gander, if you are looking for inspiration or simply just bored with the whole 'Rage versus Joe' tabloid nonsense, as we are.