Shazam-ing ads comes to the UK with ITV deal

Shazaming ads comes to the UK with ITV deal
Shazam! And the dirt is gone... oh, wait

Shazam has signed a deal with ITV that will see it bring its audio tagging technology to the heady world of TV adverts.

Using the same Shazam app that you use to cheat in the music rounds of pub quizzes, you'll be able to engage more with adverts shown on the channel, which, let's face it, is just what all our lives have been missing until now.

Sadly, the deal won't see you able to hold your phone up to the TV to find out what you're watching or take you straight to the relevant IMDB page (which would be amazing).


But when there's an advert you don't skip through on a recording or miss while making a cup of tea, the audio recognition app will identify it and give you access to special offers, competitions, more information or special exclusive content.

Having already been in use in the US, Shazam-ing TV ads looks set to be an ITV-only thing in the UK as the exclusive deal will keep other channels like Channel 4 and 5 at bay. They'll have to settle for other apps like Zeebox that have a similar degree of second screen functionality.

The deal with ITV "will empower leading brands to connect with our millions of fans who will now be able to experience an extended engagement in one of the most convenient and innovative ways possible," explained Andrew Fischer, CEO of Shazam.

Ah, just what we've always dreamed of.

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