Reddit is publishing a hardback book of its best AMAs

Reddit's AMA book
Reddit's AMA book.

The Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads are one of the best parts of Reddit: celebrities or people with a story to tell field as many questions as they can from the Reddit community, and the results are often enlightening, humorous and candid.

Now Reddit has decided to try and bring its AMAs to a wider audience: it's publishing Ask Me Anything: Volume One as a proper coffee table book you can actually go out and buy. It's available as an ebook too, if physical objects really aren't your thing any more.

The 400-page tome includes contributions from Denzil Washington, Madonna, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Gates and the President of the United States of America Barack Obama. Bill Murray, Idris Elba, Cyndi Lauper, Rosario Dawson, Elon Musk and many more all feature too.

10,000 copy print run

"For years, Reddit's community has had the chance to speak one-on-one with individuals across politics, science, culture, entertainment, crime, fashion, and anonymous everyday folks to learn directly from the source what it feels like to be them," explains Reddit chairman and founder Alexis Ohanian.

You'd better work fast if you want a physical version to put on the shelf though: only 10,000 copies of the $34.99 (roughly £24/AU$49) volume are being printed. It looks as though you can only get it through the US version of Amazon as well.

Reddit says some of the proceeds of the book sales are going to charity. Ask Me Anything: Volume One includes an introduction from the Reddit mods as well as original illustrations by Redditor youngluck.

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