Netflix pushes TV advantage with continuous play

Netflix pushes TV advantage with continuous play
Netflix - conspiring to steal your time

Netflix has unveiled a new feature that means no more sitting through tedious credits at the end of TV shows.

Now, the streaming service will minimise the credits and cue up the next episode of the series you're watching.

So instead of finding out who the key grip was on Twin Peaks, you can just sit back and watch the next instalment which will automatically play 15 seconds after the previous one ends.


Of course, if you just want to go back and watch something else, there's an easy option to head back to the homepage in the 15 second window.


Netflix is calling this feature 'post-play', and is bringing it to films too by suggesting three films you might like to watch as the credits roll.

The new feature is now available on the Netflix website and PS3 app, and should be coming to other platforms soon.

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