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Microsoft: How Wolfram Alpha is changing Bing

Bing - new features
Bing - new features

Microsoft's Bing team have outlined the way that the integration of Wolfram Alpha in the latest release of the plucky search engine will help you out.

In a post on the official Bing blog, Kristin Meldahl and Natalia Burina suggest that the deal done for a collaboration on the 'computational engine' Wolfram Alpha data will be a major boon for those seeking quick answers.

"Have you given an answer that you 'think' you remember from your days in school, knowing that the information you were about to give might be very outdated?" they ask.

"Now, with the latest release of new Bing answers through our collaboration with Wolfram Alpha, you can get access to more types of answers quickly and confidently.

Common questions

"Bing and Wolfram Alpha make finding the answers to common questions that much easier by proving this information to you right in the search results," the post continues.

Other new feature sin Bing include dates – allowing you to quickly find out the date of major events like holidays. (Clue: Christmas is on 25 December).

"The next time you are confronted with the task of knowing or finding the answer to help with homework or even if you are just looking for the next time you need to cook the holiday dinner give Bing a try," the Microsoft team concludes.