Microsoft beats Google in UK brand showdown

Microsoft - just the business
Microsoft - just the business

The Superbrands annual business survey is out and Microsoft has jumped into first place, up from last year's placing of fourth.

Google, who was the biggest brand last year, is now languishing in fifth place, despite last year pushing its Chrome browser (which was launched late 2008) and Chrome OS.

Microsoft has sailed to the top presumably because the company released Windows 7 in 2009, to much critical acclaim.

Reaffirmed performance

In third place and probably suffering a bit of a nosebleed because of the heavy ascent is BlackBerry. Rim's smartphone moniker has jumped from a lowly 42 in 2009 to a very respectable third place.

Once again tech companies are dominant in the Superbrands list, with BT, Apple and Nokia all in the top 20.

Vodafone, which was recently outed as the UK's most valuable brand, sits at 22 in the UK list.

"Once again Microsoft and Google have proved their potency by fighting it out for the top spots, while many other brands have reaffirmed their consistent performance year on year," said Chief Executive at the Centre for Brand Analysis Stephen Cheliotis about the list.

In July, the consumer version of the Superbrands list was released which also showed Microsoft nabbing the top spot.

Happy times indeed for Ballmer and co.

Go to for more details and to see the full 500.


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