Microsoft tops UK Superbrands list

Microsoft is officially the number-one Superbrand
Microsoft is officially the number-one Superbrand

Microsoft is celebrating today after it was announced that it has topped the UK's annual Superbrands list.

The list is made up of the top 500 brands in the country, which has been whittled down 1,400 entrants.

2,000 consumers took part in the voting process, alongside a panel of experts and promoted Microsoft to the top spot.

This marks a changing of the guard between Microsoft and Google, who was voted in as the number one Superbrand last year. For this year's list Google could only make it into third place.

Interestingly, the Encyclopaedia Britannica managed to creep into the top 10, just behind Apple who sits in ninth place.

Some surprises

Speaking about the results, Stephen Cheliotis, Chief Executive of the Centre for Brand Analysis, who carried out the survey, said: "This year's survey reaffirms some of the downturn's winners and losers.

"The results, as always, return some surprises, with this year's notable high achiever being Encyclopaedia Britannica."

ITV excluded

A notable exclusion from the list this year is ITV. Cheliotis said of its exclusion: "I think a lot of people fail to understand exactly ITV's role in the channel mix, what it stands for, its value, its offering, who it is aimed at etc.

"It is just a little lost as a brand and this reflects the lack of support it receives."

Sony is also a strong contender at number 22 with its PlayStation brand lands at number 42 – beating the likes of Xbox, which trails at 139, but beaten by Nintendo which just made the top 20.

Check out the whole list here.

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