How will the Windows 7 browser stand-off end?

Scenario 3. Google nips in and gives Chrome a massive boost

As we just mentioned, if the browser wars becomes a competition for who can offer OEMs the best incentive then there is only one company beyond Microsoft that you could name as likely to make an impact.

Google's Chrome still has a relatively small market share, but that doesn't mean the company isn't fully behind the browser. Could this be an opportunity for Google to give Chrome the boost to a bigger audience?

Many OEMs already install Google Pack software - including Google Chrome already.


  • Swapping one dominant software giant for another wouldn't help much.


  • People would finally get to see another browser – and Chrome is more open and more compliant.


  • Not very likely – Google may have the financial might, but this would be a massive shift in their thinking and there has been no indication that it would consider this.