Free in-flight Wi-Fi coming to Virgin planes

Virgin America gets free Wi-Fi
Virgin America gets free Wi-Fi

Virgin is to become the first airline to do offer free Wi-Fi, with customers on its Virgin America service to receive the complimentary service – according to its wireless partner Google.

Although Wi-Fi is available on a number of business flights – including ones on British Airways – it definitely isn't free, with the price of connecting enough to put most passengers off of their airline food.

Virgin has decided to buck the paid-for trend and offer free Wi-Fi. Before this, to log on wirelessly on a Virgin plane it would have set you back $13 (£7.90) per flight.

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The announcement was made on Google's official blog this week by Jeff Aguero, a Google product marketer. Virgin America is a customer of Google's Gogo Wi-Fi service.

"Whether it's using Gmail to confirm an airport pick up time with your brother, doing some last minute gift shopping for your niece on Google Product Search or searching for a good sweet potato pie recipe before touchdown – we hope this makes it a bit easier to stay connected with family and friends while you're up in the air," said Aguero about the free service.

There's no word as of yet whether this freebie will make it to UK shores.

Via Google Blog and Yahoo

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