File-sharers hide identity from ISP snoopers

Nearly half of all P2P users are prepared to hide their identity from ISPs

41 per cent of all P2P file-sharers would be prepared to use some form of anonymity service to hide their identity should they receive a warning letter from their internet service provider, according to a recent survey.

The web poll of over 19,000 P2P users, carried out by news site Torrentfreak, also notes that 38 per cent of respondents would ignore any ISP warnings but take more caution with P2P use, while a mere 7 per cent would stop sharing files altogether.

The other 14 per cent would just carry on as if nothing had happened!

Of course, instead of wasting all your time, effort and bandwidth downloading all your music illegally, you could always switch to using (legal) streaming sites such as Spotify, if you do have any concerns about the amount of MP3s (illegally) coming up your pipe.

Via - TorrentFreak