Coldplay to give away live album on the web

Coldplay embraces the idea of free with its latest release

Coldplay has decided to give away its next album for free in a bid to 'give something back to the fans'.

The live album, annoyingly entitled 'LeftRightLeftRightLeft', will be available to fans as a download on the group's official website, and given out to those attending their 'Viva La Vida' tour dates.

There is a caveat: only people who have bought a ticket for the tour will be eligible for the nine-track download.

Way of saying thanks

Speaking back in February when he first mentioned that they were planning to release an album for free, Coldplay front-man Chris Martin said: "It's a way of saying thank you. It's a tough economy and people are paying a lot of money for tickets."

It's not clear if this sort of album-shifting is the way forward for the band. What is sure is that with Keane recently embracing 3D and now Coldplay looking to the web to share its music, there's something of a 'battle of the b(l)ands' going on when it comes to embracing new technology.