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Fujitsu develops cloud optimisation service

No more being under the weather for cloud networks

Fujitsu has developed a new distributed service platform to optimise clouds operating over a Wide-Area Network (WAN).

The technology automates system architecture and operations to match changes in service conditions, and also takes care of distribution and deployment of cloud-based data to WAN servers.

This automation cuts down redeployment time from days to minutes, while also providing scaling opportunities for up to several hundred thousand devices.

Optimal route

The new platform accelerates the calculation of deployment configurations through the use of a Fujitsu algorithm that provides combined search functionality.

It also reduces the volume of traffic managed by monitoring servers, which typically have to deal with increasing amounts of data about new rigs and changes to infrastructure.

Fujitsu's technology calculates the optimal candidate for deployment, while also selecting a next-best candidate, all with optimised traffic condition results.

Fujitsu plans to adapt its technology for multitenant applications and tie it into open standard technologies, with the aim of commercialisation within the company's fiscal year 2014.