C4 launches web-games to teach teens happiness

Channel 4 launches 'Super Me' - a new initiative aimed at teaching valuable life skills to teenagers
Channel 4 launches 'Super Me' - a new initiative aimed at teaching valuable life skills to teenagers

Channel 4 has launched a new website that features games and videos aimed at teaching teens and tweens how to be more resilient and happy.

The C4 website Super Me is now live, with the stated aim of helping to make Britain's youngsters happier and more productive.

The mini-games featured on the site teach kids to make choices that help to reinforce positive decisions.

'Super Me' is the latest initiative in Channel 4's plans to reach Britain's 14- to 19-year-olds with innovative educational programming.

Bold approach to learning

"Channel 4 Education is known for taking a bold approach to learning, commissioning such titles as Batty Man, Crip on a Trip, and Teen Taboos, which explore real issues such as sex, drugs, culture and disability," reads the broadcaster's blog, "[and] that aim to tackle subjects sometimes missing from the more formal curriculum, as well as offering new approaches to traditional subjects."

The broadcaster says that it is shifting its focus and commissioning approach away "from solely linear TV programmes, to innovative cross-platform projects that encourage a two-way participation, and offer the chance to stimulate conversation around learning experiences, rather than to simply dictate learning.

"We are not putting 'TV on the web' but rather want to employ creative and distinctive ways of offering educative content to teens, focussing on issues derived from their needs and desires that may be outside the more formal education curriculum."

'Super Me' features the Flash puzzle game Linkem, which promotes the importance of making good connections and relationships, the platformer Flomo which highlights the value of getting absorbed in tasks and multiplayer game Proximity which rewards players for sticking close by their friends.

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Adam Hartley