Telstra's jacking up the price of its home phone plans in October

Telstra phone call
He won't be smiling in October

Telstra has announced that come October 1 this year, it will be pumping up the price of its line rental for home phone lines, as well as the rates for calls to national, mobile and 13 numbers.

Customers on the Telstra Home Phone Budget plan will be slugged with an extra $1 a month, while selected other plans will see fees increase by $2 a month.

Additionally, the call connection fee to national numbers, mobiles and international numbers will increase to 55 cents, while the rate for 13 numbers will jump from 35 cents to 40 cents per call.

Check your plan

Given Telstra doesn't offer Naked DSL plans, this price increase is likely to impact a larger market than just those Telstra customers using a home phone for calls.

If the price changes apply to you, Telstra is promising to let you know in writing from late July.

But it could also be a good opportunity to check your broadband (and phone) plan and see if you can't get a better deal.

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