Interactive broadband map of Britain goes live

The state of the UK's broadband
The state of the UK's broadband

Ofcom has launched an interactive map of Britain showing just how fast – or slow – each area's broadband connections are.

As well as connection speeds, the map options allow you to view overall performance, average broadband take up, superfast broadband availability and average modem sync speeds.

Unsurprisingly, London is one of the few areas rated 1 for fastest, while most of Wales, the South West of England and huge areas of Scotland languishing in the 4s and 5s, restating the need for investment in rural areas.

Rural juror

Northern Ireland has almost complete availability of super-fast broadband thanks to BT's intense fibre-optic roll-out, due for completion in 2012, but the rest of the country is quite far behind, with very few other areas offering 90 per cent availability or more.

Clicking on the area you're interested in brings up a run down of the state of its broadband availability, including the average sync speed for that realm.

The map is based on accurate information procured by Ofcom from ISPs and other communications providers, with another, more detailed map slated for later in the year.

It's a handy map which not only shows you how your own personal area is doing, but also serves to remind us how many areas of the country are falling behind in the super-speed broadband race.

Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

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