BBC iPlayer app for Android 2.2 coming this week too

BBC iPlayer for Android 2.2 incoming
BBC iPlayer for Android 2.2 incoming

The BBC has confirmed that there is indeed an iPlayer app on its way for the iPad, and along with it an Android app too.

In a blog post, Daniel Danker of the BBC said about recent rumours: "Having stuck our toe in the water last year with the iPad, this new native app is a significant improvement on the existing experience and it's great to be on the Android platform too.

"Our intention is to be on as many devices and platforms as possible."

As for the release date of both apps, Danker said: "We're just applying the finishing touches to the apps as we speak, and all things being well we plan to have Android and iPad apps in stores by the end of the week."

He also noted: "This is about getting the basics right, simple apps that makes best use of the portable touch-screen experience.

"We'll be looking to build in more features throughout the year."

Android 2.2

When it comes to Android, it will only be users who have Android 2.2 that can use the app - as is the case viewing it through a browser on Android phones - which will be a disappointment to many.

There are reasons for this, though, as Danker explains: "For iPad it's straightforward, but for technical reasons we can't bring the app to every single Android device.

"To download and use the app you'll need a device that uses Android version 2.2 and has Adobe Flash 10.1 Player installed.

"Our Flash streams need a powerful mobile phone processor and a Wi-Fi connection to ensure a smooth viewing experience, which means that only newer, more powerful Android 2.2 devices connected via Wi-Fi can support the Flash 10.1 streaming experience."

So there you have it – iPad and Android 2.2 users will be able to watch the iPlayer in app form before the week is out.

Marc Chacksfield

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