Apple finally joins the rest of the world on Twitter

Apple Twitter

It's taking its sweet time in doing so, but Apple has finally activated its Twitter account, just days before its iPhone 7 event kicks off on September 7.

Apple has actually had a Twitter account since September 2011, but it has been sitting gathering dust with the default "egg" avatar all this time.

It's now been given a fresh lick of paint though, with Apple filling out its details, popping in its logo and using the same image as its September 7 event invite for its background picture.

Tweeting the Apple message

So why the sudden love for Twitter? Noted Apple blogger Mark Gurman believes the company will be looking to live tweet its iPhone 7 launch, presumably in an attempt to steer messaging away from memes of Tim Cook sitting on an Irish pot of gold.

It's looking like a thorough PR push from the company, which has also given its Newsroom press site a spruce up, making its home-brewed Apple news more easily accessible.

As for followers, Apple's already rising up the ranks of big Twitter tech profiles with 109k followers in less than a day on the network. With a fair old headstart Samsung's racked up 5.35 million on its main US account, while Amazon sits a little lower on 2.4 million followers.

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