Amazon launches Australian AWS infrastructure

Amazon web services in Australia
Who like latency anyway

Australian cloud computing has just had a massive shot of Amazon injected straight into its heart, with the company announcing it has launched its web services suite in Australia.

Based in Sydney, Australians can now get low-latency access to all the best Amazon web services, including its EC2 servers and S3 storage.

The launch comes at a slight price premium to its US service, which was already used by many Australian companies thanks to its affordability.

But compared to other local cloud services, and factoring in the cost of setting up the service in Australia, the premium isn't unreasonable.

An existing audience

The launch of AWS in Australia makes sense, especially given Amazon claims it already has 10,000 Australian customers using the service.

These companies include everyone from the Commonwealth Bank to Halfbrick, the Aussie game developer behind Fruit Ninja and Machine Gun Jetpack.

Sydney is the ninth region in Amazon's global rollout of its AWS infrastructure, joining Singapore and Tokyo in catering to the Asia-Pacific region.

Via: Amazon, Lifehacker

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