43% of women surrender passwords for chocolate


Infosecurity Europe has discovered that women are four times more likely to give their computer passwords to a complete stranger than men – if they are promised a free chocolate bar.

In a faux-market research campaign that probably can't claim to be the most scientific, people were offered a chocolate bar and entry into a free-prize draw in exchange for a frank disclosure of their names, dates of birth, telephone numbers and, worryingly, passwords.

Of the 576 people interviewed outside Liverpool Street Station in London, a staggering 45 per cent of women - and 10 per cent of men - gave away their passwords.


A total of 21 per cent were prepared to undermine their online security, which is a marked improvement on the same test conducted last year where two thirds fell for the cheap trick.

"Our researchers also asked for workers' names and telephone numbers so that they could be entered into a draw to go to Paris, with this incentive 60 per cent of men and 62 per cent of women gave us their contact information", said Claire Sellick, event director, Infosecurity Europe.

Of course, TechRadar would never dream of giving its passwords away for chocolate. But if someone were to offer us a cup of tea…